How to make OVER 100 dollars a day, within a MONTH.


First Idea recommendation: 

The first thing you would want to do is focusing building a PASSIVE income, and a lot of individuals do this through means of building a BRAND. The best means to build a BRAND is to come up with a SUPPLY/DEMAND concept, and go through the means to MARKET said product. What is something someone NEEDS? What is something that someone will PAY money for? Find a NICHE that works for you, but that is ALSO popular for the platform whether that’s Instagram, Facebook, what have you. I recommend checking out this PROMOTIONAL GIVEAWAYS TOOL¬†that allows you to run contests for people to like, share, post on content to grow your platform pretty quickly. The best means to grow your initial following is through incentive whether that means a DISCOUNT or a CONTEST to get people to share with their friends/family your blog/website. I offer promotional SHOUTOUT posts if you’re just beginning in Instagram at only $25 and this will include an IMAGE of your choosing & me tagging you & utilizing HASHTAGS of your own choosing as well as a PROMOTIONAL message on my Discord channel of over 1000+ USERS. You can click here: ORDER FORM. Once you determine the NICHE you want to be in, the HARD part begins which is making sure you attract the RIGHT audience, and choosing the RIGHT product. When it comes to determining what seems to be selling well, look at already rather large followings for that particular GROUP and find TRENDING related things to post on, a quick means to determine what’s Trending is Tools such as “Google Trends” and post relevant tags/hashtags and content depending on your social platform around those topics. For more information just check out my FREE DISCORD CHAT and ask around for help!


EXAMPLES of things that individuals utilize to make monies: Affiliate marketing links to sell products through Amazon/Shopify, selling promo spots to get others exposure to their smaller biz via social media influencer efforts, selling a product/service related to brand.


Second Idea Recommendation:

Build an income utilizing that of OPTIONS trading which requires you to join a simple broker by clicking this link: OPTIONS BROKER LINK and within that service, you can trade what is known as OPTIONS. They are premiums on stocks like FACEBOOK, APPLE, AMAZON, and others. You trade on the prediction of whether you think they will go UP or DOWN. You buy CALLS to predict it will go up, and PUTS to predict it will go down. You can take on risk well under $50 to make potentially $100, $200, even upwards of $300 a day but the reality is if you’re putting in $50, you probably won’t make much more than $20 to $45+ a day on that $50 risk. The RISK is you can lose it all so it’s best to learn the basics of OPTIONS TRADING by checking out this video: OPTIONS TRADING VIDEO that will cover the strategy to get you on your way to be making at least $10 to $50 a day just from the utilization of this method.


Third Idea recommendation


Building up a PASSIVE income via diversified trading via a stock broker that allows you to buy FRACTIONS of shares on market. What does this mean? Exactly what it sounds like. You have probably seen stocks like FACEBOOK, AMAZON, and more that cost you $100, $200, even $300+ per SHARE but what if you could BUY them all and split the cost with just $100 in your profile, and make $5, $10, $15+ a day passive, and more the more you put in. I’d say with $1000 and a proper diversified portfolio you can easily make upwards of $100 a day. Check out the following link to see the broker for yourself FRACTIONALIZED SHARES BROKER