How To Generate Passive Income Pursuit: Sources to Stream Income Ideas in 2016

Passive Income Ideas

 Are you on a learn the best ways to generate passive income effectively pursuit? If so, you’re headed in the right direction by visiting this page to learn about different freelance sources that will help to teach you how to make and earn profit and to stream income in 2016 to increase your earnings from a variety of different ideas I have had! Below I have listed lots of small but easy to join websites where they can add up to well, QUITE a bit of money to earn! Some are available all around the world, where others may only be available in the US/UK/Canada. Creating passive income has never been so easy whether you’re different businesses or an individual, anyone can benefit from these pages! You won’t find just examples, but actual pages to help you along the way on the internet, and best part is no investments are required to get you to the top of that earnings ladder and help for life in all those tough situations whether you’re beginners online or not! These ideas of course won’t make you super wealthy, but should help you to live your life and pursue even more exciting ventures to be a part of through multiple streams through many different methods!

Chatabout: $0.01 PER Comment, $0.05 PER Topic, $0.01 PER 10 minutes listening to RadioLoyalty($0.36 per six hours, $1.44 for 24 hours, estimated average $5 to 10.80 a month just for listening to music when you’re on the computer. Note: Captcha is required to be entered every 10 minutes for the music portion.), $0.01 PER most everything else. Essentially, you get paid to post

SliceThePie: $0.05 to $0.20 PER review about music. Listen to a clip, write a quick review, it can add up pretty quickly! In short, you get paid to review music

Qmee: $0.02 to $1.00 PER some searches between Amazon and Google, mostly. Biggest one i’ve gotten so far is $0.11. Key idea here is to search naturally. Searching excessively actually reduces your odds of getting earnings. Just like Bing, you get paid to search

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PostLoop: $0.05 to $0.15 a post seems to be the general consistent rate(I seem to be getting around $0.07 to $0.11 personally.), with it being on the higher end if you write good quality posts. Native ENGLISH speakers that take the time and effort to post usually make the best money. In short, you once again can get paid to post but at a better rate than Chatabout! Just make sure for your initial test posting to write the ten best posts you’ve ever written in your life as the higher the rating, the more forums you can access and ultimately the more you can make!

ReviewStream:$0.40 to $7.00+ a review which sounds like a good bit of money, but they do require a tad bit of a lengthy review in order to make a profit. It’s recommended to fully optimize this websites profit potential to come up with a list of products/services/websites to review before you start doing the reviews. This way you can whip out the reviews one by one in a relatively fast fashion. In short, you get paid to review products. This is really your best bet to make a passive profit online.

ShareMagnet: $0.05 to $0.15 a CLICK for sharing on facebook, twitter, and other social pages. Even on your own blogs. Kind of a nice residual if you have a good traffic flow 🙂 Potential for an average $0.50 to $1.00 a day for a decent sized site. Not a lot, but an extra $15 to $30 can come in handy. To sum it up, get paid to share

As I come across more places and best forms of good passive income, i’ll add them to this list! So, make sure to bookmark this page or visit our page in the future for a more up to date list. Know any others? Use our contact form above and we’ll make sure to list them!

Of course, these are just some of the passive ways to make money online, there are of course, plenty of others you can, just check out here: How to REALLY make money online

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