Digital Marketing and Media consultant for Business Plan Development


I create successful web solutions for businesses. More specifically, I listen to your business needs, research the best way to achieve your digital goals, strategize the solution that will best serve, plan the resources & organization to build the solution, and execute the development process from beginning to end. I combine the triad of technology, business, and marketing services to help you reach your commercial goals and optimize your online initiative for success!

My web solutions are usually based on WordPress or Drupal frameworks, but unlimited customization is possible to fit your budget. Whether you need a single heavy coder or a team to build a complex solution, I direct the software development to ensure that your solution is delivered on-time and under-budget. I solve all problems and overcome all obstacles to move your digital concept to launch. Once launched, I manage the marketing strategy to grow your product or service as a professional such as a lawyer, so in this case learning about content marketing for lawyers can help your business a lot.

My goal is to position your company for success through deployment of the highest quality digital solutions! With over 12 years information technology development and 6 years business development experience, I’m confident I can help you make your digital dreams real!


• Web business strategy and e-commerce

• Business analysis and solutions implementation

• Local and remote team management

• Infrastructure and information systems • Superb problem-solving determination

• Professional and courteous personality PROFILE Please view my experience and work on my

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