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We enable your business to grow through the use of educational, information and entertaining content tailored around your target market. We analyse your current social media platforms in our initial social health check. We compile all data from the prior year of social engagement and online interaction. We analyse this data and highlight any major flaws and any positive notes based upon your current marketing strategy. We then build a strategy based upon; current engagement levels; your demographic and what posts works and what don’t.

Once we have a strategy we then get to work on creating, distributing then analyze our educational, informative and entertaining content. We have numerous examples of this content, such as a video recently filmed at ISC HPC in which, for a client, we interviewed many high profile professionals from companies such as Google and Atos.

We aim to keep your business top of mind in the people that have buying power as well as establishing your business as a beacon of knowledge within your industry.

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