Domain flipping for Beginners in 2023

When it comes to domain flipping for beginners in 2023, it might seem like it’s HARD to get started but honestly you don’t need that much capital. In this article I will be covering numerous methods of which you can FLIP your domains for monies and quickly, too.  See the below playlist to learn more,

So what exactly IS domain flipping and how can it benefit me? To put it simply, you’re BUYING the domain with the intent to flip in days/weeks/months.

WHAT kind of ways can I flip a domain? Well, there is a lot of means to flip a website but for the purposes of this article I will cover all the ones I have covered in the video above and update as I add more videos.

WHERE can I buy domains? There is LOTS of places from to the more common, You can learn more about Webhosting with Godaddy by clicking HERE

EXPIRED DOMAINS are  great thing to flip, especially those with already established value. You can simply buy them, spruce them up a bit, and recycle them on websites like FLIPPA to resell for a quick markup price. Most people will look into the domain, see the already established value and give you above what a normal cost of a domain might be. Make sure to AVOID branded names, or TRENDING topics when you’re considering this method as it could result in you buying a worthless domain that you can’t legally resell or of a trend that is no longer viable.

TRENDING DOMAINS are good flips IF you can capitalize at the right moment. For example, CORONAVIRUS is still a popular trend and TRUMP IMPEACHMENT too, both of which have faded in the past month but if you had capitalized at the time they were really bringing in traffic you could have made a nice chunk on ad revenue and at least for CORONAVIRUS product sales, too.

BUYING A TURNKEY BUSINESS is a good way to save time if you’re sort of new to the market and want to buy an already established website generating revenue. Once again, AVOID brand names and trending topics as these can fade and make sure the profits generated monthly are verified and have been going on for at least two years. You don’t want a business with a one year boom and a not likely continued trend. You ALSO want to choose a turnkey business that will benefit you in the long-term, as the idea is a passive that will make you monies for years to come. You also want to AVOID anything of too high cost in marketing to maintain that monthly flow of income.

Thanks for reading and make sure to comment below your own input on Domain Flipping for Beginners in 2023. 

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