Marketing automation for small businesses: 45+ Software and Tools for 2023

If you’re looking for marketing automation for small businesses that you run, this will be a list of software and tools for 2023 that you can consider for making your business MORE efficient. Whether it is Social media, Referral Marketing, Email Marketing, Advertising, Pricing, or just in general AUTOMATION for your business I will try to compile this list to the best of my ability to provide a wide variety you can consider for your promotional needs. This list was updated as of 7/19/2023

HUBSPOT: Marketing and Sales Tool:

Hubspot Marketing – This Website/Tool for automation is utilized for inbound marketing that will help you grow exposure to your website and increase lead conversion. Tools for EMAIL campaigns, BLOGGING campaigns, SEO campaigns, LEAD management, and ANALYTICS + efficient AUTOMATION

SHARPSPRING: Smart Email and CRM Marketing Solutions Tool

SharpSpring CRM solutions, LEAD management automation, creative EMAIL analytics, CONVERSION tracking, and other UNIQUE solutions to your small business needs. Behavior-Based Email, Campaign Tracking, Dynamic Landing Pages, Blog Builder, Social Pages optimization, CRM & Sales Automation, Dynamic Form Builder, Reporting and Analytics. In SHORT. Smart Email and CRM Marketing Automation tools for your campaigning needs.

AUTOMIZY: Email Marketing Conversion Tool

Automizy – A means for EMAIL marketing conversion, the goal of which is to optimize the amount of opens you get per message you send out. A pretty straight forward tool to utilize and add into your small business tools needs!

ACTIVECAMPAIGN: Marketing Automation tool for Lead Generation

ActiveCampaign A unique marketing optimization tool offering a SPECIALIZED touch to developing a successful campaign to relax efforts from human interaction. If you want to improve LEAD conversion this is the tool to do it with. A vast variety of MARKETING tools that involve SALES CRMDATA ANALYSIS and intuitive EMAILING solutions for a wide variety of needs.

Marketo – Versatile marketing platform for automation utilizing tools for things such as LEAD management,  EMAIL campaigning, proper budgets, OPTIMIZATION of conversions and MORE! 

Marketing Creatio – This is a multi-channel marketing tool for the purpose of LEAD generation, CONTENT creation, COMMUNICATION for connectivity, and AI that will help INCREASE user conversion/adaption.

Engage Bay – Unique CRM platform to help you with MARKETING automation via help to organize email contacts, track deals and improve your sales! Live support, as well.

Icontact PRO – Tools for a variety of business scenarios such as EMAIL marketing, WORKFLOW automation, and SOCIAL posting convenience.

Wishpond – This tool can be utilized to improve your MARKETING CAMPAIGNS and take your business to the next level. Such things as SOCIAL posts, WEBSITE popup creation, and variations of LEAD management solutions.

Leadsquared Marketing Automation: This website has a wide variety of business applications from AUTOMATION, to variations of ANALYTICS, as well as LEAD MANAGEMENT,  UNIQUE list segmentation, and UNIQUE website tracking. Available on a variety of platforms, too! Very diverse tool.

InfusionSoft – Tools that help with MARKETING automation, CRM, PAYMENT processing, MARKETING campaign management, and more. This means you can do things like efficient automation of payment processing, order tracking, PUBLISH content, and more!

Pardot – Cloud-hosted tool that helps with MARKETING and LEAD management created by a well-known company called SALESFORCE. You can utilize this tool for EMAIL marketing, LEAD conversion optimization, and more.

Constant Contact – In short, this is an EMAIL marketing and management software. You can also interact utilizing social media management and of course keep track of your contacts and how well the LEADS convert with them. It’s been around for a while and highly recommended.

ReportGarden With this tool/website you can utilize it for creative CAMPAIGN management and reporting, various SEO tools including ones for automation, INTUITIVE invoicing, and means for BUDGETING. 

Navik marketingAI – Creative AI tool for automation offering unique means to improve campaign decisions through a lot of PREDICTIVE behavior and SIMULATION solutions for creating an effective campaign from a unique point of view.

Optimizely – Tool that helps you to OPTIMIZE your campaigns and in turn optimize your lead conversion to save you TONS of monies in the long-term to help you make more effective business decisions.

IBM Digital Marketing – If you want OLDSCHOOL then going with this company for your MARKETING automation is the way to go. For B2B you can’t get any better than this with LEAD management solutions, CREATIVE analytics tools, and variations of EMAIL marketing solutions to fit all your needs.

AdRoll – Unique marketing tool that help to collect unique data from software  that helps to analyze and determine a unique path to optimize your client CONVERSION with just a few simple clicks.

NetHunt CRM –  Automation platform with compatibility with GMAIL.  If you use Google’s GMAIL service this helps you organize data with ease, saving you time and allowing you to focus on the more important things about your business.

Netcore Smartech – Cloud solutions that help with automation for marketing with CREATIVE campaign management. This includes things like CROSS-CHANNEL automation, MESSAGING tools, UNIQUE customer data analytics, and much more. There’s also a growing appreciation in the corporate world for specialized tools. One noteworthy example is, which offers businesses an enhanced visualization of their most pivotal metrics, ensuring strategies are data-driven and results-oriented.

TechValidate – Tool for lead conversion optimization such as ROI analytics, and unique market research as well as sales solutions. It offers a wide variety of unique features for a unique approach to CAPTURING leads the right way.

Customer.IO – Is yet another EMAIL automation tool that learns about how your customers interact over time and helps to better convert them and future leads to better learn your audience and provide you a unique experience to LEAD conversions. Hire the services of an outbound call center for communicating with customers through phone, sms, and email.

DRIP – This tool is for ECOMMERCE automation. If you want to IMPROVE your email conversions + help with your CTR this is the tool for you. Over time DRIP will learn from you to modify your customer behavior.

Hootsuite – If you want true SOCIAL MEDIA automation you’ll be able to create an EPIC social presence with the utilization of tools found all in one place through this platform. If you want to create a brand that stands out and optimize it for social media, this is the tool for you.

Buffer – If you want to have yet another SOCIAL MEDIA automation tool, this tool makes it easy to not only schedule content, but effectively curate it as well as provide other innovative features to help you connect with your customers and GROW your brand. If you want the most perfectly written posts, this tool is for you.

Coschedule –  Yet another SOCIAL MEDIA automation tool for a variety of unique needs. You can map your content, say when and where you’ll post, view from a unique birds-eye view social production. You also have additional tools to help you get an idea of what converts and what doesn’t so that you can optimize your posts to create more content just like it.

SproutSocial –  One of the most expansive SOCIAL MEDIA automation tools. UNIQUE collaborative tools to work with teams and various social management/marketing. Trusted by OVER 23,000 brands for LISTENING, PUBLISHING,  ENGAGEMENT, and ANALYTICS. – Very unique SOCIAL MEDIA management tool that helps to track your own brand as well as TRACK your competitors and industry trends, as well. This can keep track of how your campaign is mentioned through social media posting to help you to better understand your audience, definitely an important tool to have in your arsenal.

Leadfeeder – Lead generation and automation tool offering you insight into turning your visitors to your website into POTENTIAL leads and future customers. You can find out information on companies/individuals that visit your website and in turn get a better idea of your potential future client-base. The tool is best for a B2B kind of scenario!

Act-On – For the purpose of MARKETING automation, this tool will help you bring marketing and sales teams of yours together, and help you to connect leads better that have visited your website.

LeadSquared – Ideal LEAD GENERATION and automation tool that helps focus on motivating your potential leads to convert better and push them into paying customers faster. You can set variations of equivalent drip marketing. Don’t miss out on faster conversions with this tool.

Infusionsoft by Keap – Marketing automation software that helps to streamline the proper connectivity with potential customers and your company. Help get proper emails built, workflow, landing pages, and other pre-built templates to utilize with this tool to help get the customer converted with ease.

Prisync – If you’re looking for PRICING automation software that is made solely for eCommerce, this tool helps you do that. It helps you to determine competitive pricing to keep up with the latest in trends. If you want to automate the process, this tool will show how you compare with competitors to make sure you’re offering the most fair and COMPETITIVE rates out there.

WANT THE LATEST ARTICLES AND UPDATES right to your email? Sign up here! – If you’re looking for a detailed and effective pricing strategy and automation tool in the eCommerce market, this is the tool for you. You can do A/B testing on pricing to help maximize the profits on your bottom-line and help create a trend to get more monies for the work you put in. – This tool is for the purpose of PRICING automation for both eCommerce businesses and sellers online. Supporting multiple marketplaces and helping you to sell online with ease. Stay INFORMED. If you want to create your own repricing strategy or have AI to help suggest some for you, this is the tool for you.

Skuuudle – If you have a large amount of products you need to monitor for proper pricing and match products for trends in the markets, this is the tool for you. You won’t miss a single sale as it will help you get information from various eCommerce marketplaces as well as sellers directly to make sure you’re pricing what you’re selling at the best possible price to compete with your competitors and corner the market for your niche!

Zalster – This is an ADVERTISING automation tool that will help you with marketing when it comes to Facebook and Instagram advertising. This is one of the ONLY tools that helps you handle SOCIAL MEDIA ad campaigns from START to FINISH. They use software that helps to get AI to automate the process, optimize innovative campaigns, and make sure you’re getting the BEST possible campaign!

RevealBot – This helps to focus on two ad platforms similar to ZALSTER mentioned above but instead of Facebook and Instagram, it focuses on Google and Facebook. It helps to optimize ad campaigns with in-depth analytics to help create an effective campaign and help to improve upon it over time.

Trapica – Another tool for social media ad spending automation. This tool uses AI to help you find the most effective targeted audience to run your campaigns with. The AI looks deeper at who your audience is and helps to target around them to improve conversions for your adspend budget.

Shoelace – If you’re looking for a RETARGETING automation tool, this tool has ideal means to help you through every step of your buyers journey. Helping to nurture and convert previous potential leads. Their software offers essentially hyper-targeted advertising to help reduce the chance of ruining a potential re-targeted ad campaign.

Referral Rock – Referral program management system for automation of an ideal referral program creation. If you’re struggling on how to create an effective campaign, this tool helps you do just that. At which point when the campaign is setup, you’ll just have a nice automated system to help bring in new referrals over and over. Help with things like “Refer-a-Friend” and variations of influencer marketing.

TapMango – If you’re looking for an ideal CUSTOMER LOYALTY automation this tool will help you to do just that. Modernize your website/products for the new age. Help offer your clients ideal reward structures, unique promotions to keep them engage, and proper branding, too. If you want to help excite and reward loyalty for your clients and referrals, this is a go-to tool for just that.

Get Ambassador – If you’re looking for SOCIAL MEDIA automation, from finding the ideal brand ambassadors to finding the right customers you want to attract to automating the most ideal reward incentives and mixing it altogether for the ideal bottom-line this is the tool to utilize. This platform offers LOTS of unique integrations and ideal pre-built templates. So if you want to get your business off the ground, this is a tool to do it.

Clutch – If you want to know what DRIVES your customers this tool helps bring loyalty marketing to a whole new level. You can help keep your clients MOTIVATED, utilize this tool to keep them EXCITED and ENGAGED.  

Belly Card –  If you want INCENTIVIZED marketing done in a whole new way, BELLY offers you tools to help fill the gap between you and your customers to help create unique digital loyalty with a unique POS system and tools.

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