Introduction to Dropshipping

This will be a post about starting on your way to DROPSHIPPING. Thing with Dropshipping however you have to keep in mind is.. ANYONE can do it. There isn’t much of a requirement when it comes to getting started. What exactly IS dropshipping, though? It is essentially like AFFILIATE marketing where you don’t directly handle a product, but rather work DIRECT with a supplier of a product and link people to essentially the product sale page, sell it, and collect a commission for all the sales without PACKING the stuff yourself. It’s similar to Amazon’s FBA program which you can google about for more information, but the products you never handle directly and there is no physical product overhead which is where the appeal comes in.

Simply put you need a WEBSITE. A lot of people prefer to use Shopify as it’s an easy to use platform but you can just as easily use a wordpress page to get started. You then need to find PRODUCTS for you to sell, and often that’s all about searching out trends. Remember FIDGET SPINNERS? That’s what I mean by trending. Looking up keywords such as “wholesaler”, “distributor”, and more can lead you in the right direction, and checking out websites like can point you further.

How do you SELL, though? That’s relative to what your budget is and the two main ways are through ORGANIC traffic via search engines for exposure, and generalized advertising campaigns which can come in a wide variety of ways whether it’s hiring a social media influencer, buying sponsored posts, and more. This is just an INTRODUCTION to dropshipping so i’ll add more to this in the days to come. Thanks for reading!

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