Pros and Cons of Internet Explorers Shut Down and End

We have all wondered if and when Internet explorer will FINALLY shut down and end completely, but it caught most of us off-guard, and for those not so prepared it can be a major downer, but for those that knew of it’s demise was coming, they were prepared and ready for the next phase of what the internet has in store for us!

So what exactly are the pros and cons of Internet explorer? That’s what I am hear to tell you!


-As this browser was so in sync with the Windows operating system, no other browser matched it’s functionality.

-As a default browser for nearly 20 years, most people are so used to it by now it would be hard to switch to any other browser and it differs quite drastically as compared to the newer and fresher browsers like Google Chrome, but it still has the old feel of how the internet used to be which can be truly inspiring.

-When a browser like Internet Explorer has been around as long as the internet, when it comes to developers this can give them a major edge as the reason being it makes for a more ideal test-bed browser than that of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or the other popular types of browsers.  


-The most obvious con to Internet explorer is it’s inability to stay with the times, stay updated, and stay reliable. Other browsers are moving too fast and Internet Explorer seems to be stuck with it’s old ways, and in an attempt to revitalize their brand they’re coming out with a new browser with it’s working title, “Spartan”

-Compatibility issues have always been quite a striking blow with those that use browsers on the go, especially on mobile devices. Browsers like Google Chrome have never had that issue simply because the support was built into most of their devices from scratch, thus helping to solidify those browsers into the market and make this browser a thing of the past. Especially with Internet Explorer often limited to just the Windows Operating system.

The bottom-line when it comes to Internet explorer is, there is no realistic future. It was a hot and exciting new browser when the internet was born, but it seems to have stayed in the past and quite frankly, we should all be surprised it has lasted this long. There is a chance if the current CEO of Microsoft is truly dedicated and considers these points, there may be hope for the future of the potential new browser they would like to push. Feel free to leave all comments in regards to this article below and feel free to chime in with your own pros and cons as well!

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