Top Social Networking sites in 2015 to make profit

This is a list of the top social networking sites that i’m aware of that are focused more on making a profit and proper networking than just having fun.

Linkedin: What Linkedin is, is an ever-growing business social network. Essentially, this website will give you a chance to make connections with unique freelancers, employers, co-workers, and more. The biggest benefit of this page is to get potentially in contact with a future employer or find the ideal employee for you or help to make the connections a start-up business may need.

Facebook: By now, most people know what Facebook is but most don’t really think of it as one of the top social networking sites for business simply because they’re used to just socializing with their friends. However, with the arrival of their developer tools, store tools, and extensive user base, the marketing potential is endless. With the proper research, you can make a business using just Facebook alone!

Twitter: Although Twitter is a nice website to consider for just tweeting with others, it’s a great networking tool for already established followings. This way you can easily send out promotional offers, quick updates about your page, and stay more in touch with your fans/following.

Tumblr: The purpose of Tumblr isn’t quite as obvious as the other pages, but the benefit of it is that you can grow a fan-base from the ground up without any kind of marketing experience and without any kind of initial following. It’s a great beginner tool to grow a fan base and then relay them to a website you may run or to other social networks.

Pinterest: This website is similar to Tumblr but more focused on a specific niche’ of things which can be great for targeting specific users to relay back to pages such as Etsy to push sales. It’s a bit rough getting started, but if you take the time to determine the kind of audiences available, this networking site can be a very powerful tool.

Vine: This is a great tool to help promote your viral videos that are short, sweet, and to the point. With the right kind of video, you can potentially be an overnight sensation with tons of new followers and a readership unimaginable before. It’s definitely worth experimenting with if your’e into the potential viral marketing direction.

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