Web Site Analytics Demystified: Domain Rank Value Analysis and Appraisal For 2016

Determining page value can be tough when you’re trying to determine your domains rank and value on Google and other search engines, but with the right website  analysis, analytics, and appraisal tools in 2015 all you’ll need is a keen set of eyes and knowing the right web trends to look for in 2016. Website optimization may seem tricky, but if you follow this information you can learn how to rank better and what to look for to do so.

How does one study and determine the best website analytics practices in a proper enough manner without the use of software, or a guru though to make sure they’re determining the right domain appraisal value for their page, though? Often times people think that coming up with statistics for their website is a good start. What does this mean? This means finding the basic value which is generally the amount of traffic you have flowing through your website, doing a page rank analysis to determine how Google perceives you, and of course making sure the website has all the latest web trends in place to rank in a proper manner whether that means implementing the use of social media like Facebook or writing good trending content for places like Buzzfeed and Digg. Hire the services of experts from https://www.backlinkdoctor.com/ to see how Google perceives you.

Before getting too far though, how does one find these things?

Web Analytics

The easiest first step to determine your current page value is through the use of a tool that will essentially tell you the answer to, “what’s my page rank?”

The best place to find that would be through that of,


The site of which will literally show you your page rank value. Of course, the higher your page value usually the better you rank. As Google has been expanding they have been finding other unique ways of course to find unique ways to value your page. The two main things you should be looking for are that of the page value of the page, and the social signals it’s sending out. Social signals are essentially indicators of individuals interacting with your domain which will help to really determine your page value.

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Of course, determining page value and the latest trends happening online are important, but mixing in the latest SEO techniques can help as well. Whether that means building backlinks to your page to increase your overall page value, or simply just writing creative and uniquely crafted SEO content writing to attract a bigger readership, there are many ways you can do it.

One of the places I find most beneficial to determine these kinds of things as well as who exactly is linking to you and how they’re interacting with your page via SEO, check out SEOprofiler! I highly recommend it, especially as it is free to use for the purpose of analysis of your domain as well as create detailed seo reports which be beneficial in building up a client base,

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You can also consider various domain appraisal services that can offer a lot of this stuff for free, or at a cost. But hey, why do that when you can do it all yourself with ease! Just remember the three main things: Write creative content, apply the latest web trends, and make your website very SEO friendly! If you apply these steps and more, you’ll be ranking effectively in no time, and you’ll really be able to expand yourself to new heights you never thought possible!

To learn a little more, check out this video about web analytics I found below!


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