Business restructure in 2017: Changes Coming!

Due to a family member loss, I have been on quite a long hiatus and will be doing a business restructure in 2017 and making a lot of changes to make the layout more appealing especially for my clients, after it’s done the website should look a lot more professional and I plan on updating this blog a lot more frequently in the new year. In the mean-time you can check out our Discord channel found here:

If you aren’t sure what Discord is, it was utilized initially for gaming channels but as it grew it helped excite those in the business world including me. It’s still growing but I am sending out a temporary open invitation to grow it faster and running a campaign to get it to 200 members hopefully by early next year.

Apologies for delays on updates, I know some of you including my previous clients were probably wondering where I vanished off to, this about sums it up as well as future updates coming.

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