Personal hiatus for 2017 to most of 2018 but i promise I am BACK now into 2019!

Hey all, took a personal hiatus due to a loss of a family member back in 2015, thought I was roaring to go in 2017 but I wasn’t quite there yet so had taken a longer break, focused on other ventures and now I am BACK. Make sure to start watching this blog again as I DO intend to start posting here into 2019.

What have I been upto?

Well, I launched a DISCORD channel where you can chat with me live about freelancing/ventures and the link can be found here,

I launched a STOCK channel and the link to that can be found here,

Recently launched an Instagram:

I will be revamping my Business channel from YT as well, so stay tuned for that! Sorry for lack of content, lots of fresh stuff coming in the future 🙂

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