How to build backlinks 2015: Tips and Tricks

There are many different methods of how you can easily go and learn to build backlinks in 2015, but I am going to cover most of the high pr value building links strategies.

Viral and Search engine optimized content writing

One of the best ways to build quality backlinks is to provide quality writing! A quality article can easily be shared just as easily as a quality video you might see on youtube. There are places such as Digg and Reddit that will help pass around the content if it’s good enough, which can land you a lot of mixed value backlinks, and very high pr backlinks if a big news source runs into your content. In regards to search engine optimized content you can target specific keywords in order to try to show up on search engines for low competition to medium competition keywords and you can do this via your page, or you can choose high pr value article directories and then link back to your page! Just remember, organic traffic marketing is key!

Submission to directories

Directories are quite commonly used to help build some initial value to your page and get at least a few backlinks right off the bat. Generally, you would write a few blurbs about your page with words relevant to it, and then submit it to many numerous relevant niche’ directories. The benefit of this is more in relation to helping search engines understand the point of your page, but if you take the time and submit to proper directories, every now and then you’ll get a pretty good quality backlink!

Social Marketing

There are quite a lot of great ways to get quality backlinks by simply connecting with others and networking in a proper manner. You can also build backlinks of a mostly nofollow value simply by creating profiles on a variety of social networks. Other things you can consider doing is running promotions which can inspire numerous backlinks simply from users sharing your page for something that might benefit them.

These are just some of the many ways of which you can build backlinks but there are plenty more to consider and all you have to do is take the time to do your research! Work with a trusted Link Building Agency to achieve the growth you dream for your website. Got more to suggest? Mention them below in the comments!

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