How to get clients now in 2015: New Tips, Tricks, and more!

There are a variety of ways on how to get clients when it comes to now in 2014, whether you’re looking for new clients or trying to inspire more older ones to come back, often times how effective it will be depends on your niche’!

#1:The first thing you should do is establish a website in order to give your potential clients somewhere to visit and consider if you’re what they’re looking for.

#2: Build a portfolio by either partaking in various freelancing websites such as, and more, or simply by offering discount services on your very own website.

#3:Do Social marketing the right way by investing in low-cost traffic with broad-match targeting via keywords and location. For more on this check out here:

#4:After building a bit of a following on your social pages, find like-minded pages and gather up relevant information from them to help get more targeted leads at low cost through a few simple methods.

#5: Run a promotion of some sort that is within the terms of the social networking pages. This can be for a giveaway or some kind of incentive to refer more people to your social page or directly to your website.

#6: Once you get some clients coming into your page, offer them discounts if they share your page with people they’re connected with, and offer them discounts on top of that if they decide to be a repeat buyer!

#7: Make sure that whatever you’re offering is converting fairly high in your targeted niche’. One of the best ways ot do this is to keep track of your subscribers via a service like Aweber.

#8:After establishing a somewhat active audience, it’s time to do search engine optimization. One of the most recommended tools for this is SEOProfiler as it provides tools to help build backlinks.

If you have any additional steps to recommend for a quick and easy way to build up a following, feel free to mention them here!

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