How to make money with no money in 2014

Learn how to make money with very little to no money in 2014 with some fun and easy ideas that most anyone can do!

Sell Something Creative

One of the most recommended methods to make money with no money is to consider using a website called With Fiverr, you can create your own creative service and start your pricing at $5 per order or after Fiverr’s cut, $4. Although $4 doesn’t sound like much, if you take the time to put in effort and offer a worthwhile service, buyers will come to you. Think of it in a way where if you can get 5 orders a day for something simple, that’s $20 that you weren’t making. It’s also a great idea as most countries are accepted as long as they can use paypal.

Market a product

With the creation of pages like and, it makes it easy to find a product that would be of interest to you and to promote it! Most people think you need money to invest to sell a product successfully, but what you really need is a creative and unique way to get that product out there. There are things you can do such as viral marketing & various social networking techniques that can really help get you some cash-flow without it costing you a dime. 

Learn from the experts

There are a lot of people out there both on social networking sites as well as pages like Youtube where you can actually get creative tips and tricks to help earn money online without any investment. Most people think it’s hard to do but with the wealth of information just sitting online there is plenty of people that will help you out without you having to shell out any kind of actual cash. I personally recommend checking out my Affilorama Review for those just getting started to get some great initial tips and the best part is it’s free.

These are some of my favorite methods to make money with no money but I am up for hearing some of your ideas, too!

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