Personal Honest App Review 2015: Pros and Cons

This is a review of the App for 2015 and a list of all the pros and cons I have found with the application.


-Easy to use interface making it easy to purchase, browse, and mark things as your favorites.

-Easy to use for sellers as well making it quick and easy to set up a shop and start selling products of all different types.

-Easier to get exposure on this app than on places like Ebay simply due to less listings and more varied choices and a bit of a random factor if you sell a big enough variety of items.

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-Shops can be opened too easily that it increases the chance of potential risk when dealing with a shop that is fairly new.

-The App seems to be toned more towards woman than men, as a lot of what you’ll run into is fashion-related things, but if you dig deep enough you can find some pretty amazing things!

-It seems that the price-point for a lot of products on here is similar to websites like Etsy, making some things more expensive than they really need to be.

-There is a high volume of wholesale products floating around on Wish, making for a poor quality experience for a buyer if they end up dealing with one of those sellers.

-Rating system doesn’t seem to play too much into exposure so even if the seller isn’t doing that great in customer sastisfcation, they can still very easily maintain exposure and bury bad feedbacks quickly.

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