Text Message Marketing for Small businesses


Is text message marketing for small businesses a PRACTICAL solution, even in 2020? The answer is, YES. The reality is that yes, text messaging and more SOCIAL marketing push is more viable than ever as it’s a more direct contact with an individual. The down-side with text message marketing that I see is often you get pure spam, rather than a more NATURAL 

Most people nowadays have a short attention span and focused on their text messaging app rather than checking their email. They’re more likely to check their TEXTS nowadays than the old archaic means of checking EMAIL so what does that mean? That means that you’re not likely to get clients through email lead gen as much as you would through a more personable text right to their phone. SADLY. Most just utilize old generic and/or spamming texts rather than something that really would catch someone’s eye.

A few text message marketing examples I got recently, “hey check me out RANDOM SPAM LINK”” and just a few with random broken characters and nonsense which looked like it was likely just a rehashed spam email into text message. What you would want is a more PERSONABLE approach and an actual interested group of people. I feel the value of TEXTS is 10 fold the value of an email.

Just keep in mind to understand and know the text message marketing laws for your given area before you go ahead and try to form a plan out of it. By jumping in blind you can put yourself at a lot of risk and liability, especially as a small business and even if you’re a newly formed LLC. Just because you have a company doesn’t mean you’re protected against EVERYTHING. That’s why human resource solutions for small companies is essential for new businesses.

There are PLENTY of text message marketing platforms to choose from, so don’t feel you’re stuck with just one. Unlike ISP’s you have a wide range of platforms to choose from for text message marketing so choosing just the right one can go a LONG way.

Of course, don’t just take MY WORD for it, there are plenty of text message marketing statistics out there that can validate my points made in this particular article, as well as the video content. Just make sure you’re following following all the text message marketing rules and don’t go spam, be PROFESSIONAL! 

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