MusicXray Review 2015: Get paid to Listen!

This is a unique concept for a website, and essentially what you do is get paid to LISTEN. That’s right, they will pay you roughly $0.10 per song you listen to, and you get more or less opps depending on your music profile preference. I have demonstrated in the video above how simple it is to do.

To walk you through the steps.

Join Here

Then once you join, simply fill out your TASTE profile which is essentially your favorite genres and bands. Guess what, that’s it! Of course when you want to get paid you provide paypal info, but that’s a given.

Let’s say you had lots of opportunities daily depending on your interests:

$0.10×60= $6.00 an hour to just LISTEN to music. Now this is based on a “PER MINUTE” scale, when you can actually listen on a per half-minute scale. Guess what that means? You can make as much as $12 an hour LISTENING to music. No joke, it’s true, but only if you get enough opps. Not everybody will get daily opps, in fact, some may only get an hours worth a day, or less, while others depending on their tastes may get more. Try it out and see how it goes for you!


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