FreeEats Review in 2015:get paid to read receive texts plus income payment proof

Hello, this is a review of, a “pay as you view” platform. Essentially, you will get paid to receive to simply read text messages, take their surveys, and engage with their advertisers. The initial pay you get is $1 just for joining!

As you go through day by day, occasionally you get texts. Currently the amount you can get potentially on a day to day basis is two. This means that on a particular day you might get up to just TWO texts. That’s it! If they aren’t of interest to you, you don’t have to read them. You’ll get paid either way simply for receiving them! If you engage with them, you get even more!

If you watched the video the whole way through, you’ll notice a payment proof. That’s right, I have already been paid as they pay you within 24 hours of signing up(They paid me in less than an hour.) It’s proven legitimate but the rate of texts seems kind of slow right now. It’s worth checking out though, and there is potential for essentially free money! You’ll get at least a $1 just by spending a few minutes to sign up. Nothing too complicated!

What do you need? Essentially your phone number and a Paypal account. That’s it! The rest is just an active smartphone that can receive text messages. You got that, and you’re good to go. Get in early, as this one’s going to grow like wildfire! But you know, in a good way.


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If you want to get an idea of why businesses pay money to have their texts read this is why so check out this video,

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