How do developers get Free Apps to make money in 2015?

Learn the answer to, “How do developers get Free Apps to make money? Most people know that of course it’s mainly through in-game purchases, and advertising but.. how do they do it? It’s quite rather a simple process and I will break it down for you!

First comes..the marketing. Once you market the particular app, and build up a following the ad revenue flows if you have a good enough and appealing enough App. This is the step that most people fail with. Either their app is not engaging enough, or only serves it’s purpose one time with no essential “replay value” if it’s a game, or no purpose after one use if it’s software. The marketing is often done by them advertising in other games and software. This helps engage the right audience and obtain people to try out their app to see if it’s right for them. Another method although relatively unknown is through a form of incentives. This often mean that companies go ahead with the effort to pay individuals to try their particular app. This in turn helps build a following and often times the game companies will get their money back in the form of advertisements, and even better if they get it back with in-game purchases or another form of purchase.

Lastly.. the most challenging part is that of maintaining a following. If you bore your audience, you’ll lose your ad revenue, and any potential future purchases of your product/service. Engaging your audience can be a challenge sometimes but if you listen to what they say in reviews and make it easy for them to report bugs or share their ideas to better improve what you’re offering, you can grow your App to new heights. Don’t wait around if you’re an app developer, try it out today!

If you’re an App developer and want to share places you’ve marketed through in the past with success, mention them in the comments below!

Also, I found this video of some unique free apps to check out if you haven’t seen it yet,

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