Product Research Amazon and Shopify FBA Tools for Dropshipping and Retail Arbitrage 2023

If you’re looking for high quality product research for Amazon FBA, dropshipping, retail arbitrage and more in 2023, I will be providing a list of over 25+ resources for you to consider to benefit you.

What exactly is DROPSHIPPING? It’s the purpose of selling a product to someone without ever having touched it directly and outsourcing it to a third party vendor to ship directly to the consumer.

What exactly is RETAIL ARBITRAGE? It’s the purpose of selling localized items online or back elsewhere for the purpose of profit to another consumer with a markup.

Now begins.. the FUN! Here is a list of DROPSHIPPING and RETAIL ARBITRAGE tools into 2023

HELIUM10: Amazon FBA tool: PRODUCT research + KEYWORD tracking

Helium10: This Amazon FBA tool is for the purpose of basically, detailed analytical product research for dropshipping and retail arbitrage. It can also help with listing optimization for Amazon, competitor research tools, reimbursement automation for Amazon, various alerts, and keyword trackers. More, too! Check it out.

PAYABILITY: Amazon and Ebay Financing Website: 

Payability: Essentially, if you’re LOW on funds but want to continue to expand your retail arbitrage ventures, this website helps provide JUST THAT. It offers a unique means to get access to funds WITHOUT credit checks or external documents required. Think of it as a means to SEED FUND your arbitrage experience.

JUNGLESCOUT: Amazon FBA Research Tool:
JungleScout This is an Amazon FBA sourcing tool aka an “Amazon Sales estimator” which can be utilized to find out if a product is viable to sell, what your profit would be, and how likely you are to sell it. It offers additionally comprehensive research tools to make sure you’re having success with Amazon from START to FINISH.

AMZTRACKER: Amazon Toolkit BOOST rankings+IMPROVE conversions

AMZTracker This is a tool for improving rankings on Amazon as well as conversions, with an amazing toolkit that helps you in a variety of situations from negative review alerts, hijack alerts, keyword tracking and creative keyword mining tools, ALL in one place.

Unicorn Smasher: This AMAZON FBA TOOL is exactly what it sounds like it’s for, you can utilize it to find hot selling products for retail arbitrage and/or just general dropshipping ideas. You don’t have to necessarily go arbitrage shopping but it can tell you what is exactly selling like hotcakes. You can also utilize this for Amazon affiliate campaigns to market specific products to optimize your ad revenue when working on a website/Youtube channel.

Brickseek: This website basically lists a variety of deals in actual stores and online and a must for those that do retail arbitrage, do make sure to compare prices on brickseek to places like eBay to make sure that you’re actually getting enough of a potential ROI to make it worth your while after taxes.

Slickdeals: Although most are likely very familiar with this website, if you want a very community-driven website that helps you find deals across the internet, this is for you.

OberloThink of this website as a “discount Shopify for dropshipping”. It’s like “Unicorn Smasher” mentioned above but allows you to sell within their store. MOST people utilize it to get an idea of potentially popular products that Unicorn Smasher above might not cover. You can also find some unique distributors you can connect with easier through it as well.

EbayThis may seem like a SILLY one to mention, but utilizing the “recently sold” is a very powerful tool in itself, you can search to see what’s recently sold and get an idea of pricing for your products you’re selling. it is one of the #1 things I utilize as a quick reference to determine how to price items I sell through arbitrage. Only takes minutes on a phone while at a retail outlet or thrift-type store to find the pricing you’re looking for.

CamelCamelCamel: This website and Browser plugin for Amazon FBA can be utilized for historical Amazon Price tracking which can be very beneficial in determining the ideal rate of which you should charge for a given product. You can utilize it to create price watches for unpurchased products in you watchlist which has it’s own benefits, as well. There are other benefits in utilizing this website, just check it out HERE

Amazon Seller App: When it comes to Amazon FBA, or just retail arbitrage and even dropshipping. Amazon makes it pretty easy to get a lot of inside information.. about well, Amazon. It’s both a management tool as well as for benefit of selling in general. If you aren’t using it, you should. You can get #’s similar to what Camel does, as long as a plethora of other juicy info. Even if you don’t intend to sell on Amazon, it can give you some nice information.

Profit Bandit: This tool offers a UNIQUE means to provide information on what a product sells for, how WELL it’s selling for and how OFTEN it sells. It also informs you if it is a RESTRICTED item which can help you a lot in making sure you don’t buy inventory you can’t actually legally resell without prior approval. You can also have easy access to offers AMAZON might be offering at the time, too.

CheckPermission: This Amazon FBA plugin might seem redundant but it’s all about being efficient with your TIME and your BUSINESS. What this allows you to do is check what items you may be gated for and what you’re allowed to sell on Amazon, all through a plugin. Although you can manually check, this plugin saves you a LOT of time.

InvisibleHand, Bizrate, Shopzilla, and Honey: These plugins for shopping are to help you find great discounts/sales across the entire internet. Not necessarily helpful for management of your business, but can help you to find discounts on products you might not be aware exist. Personally I like HONEY better as it comes off as a bit more professional, and there are plenty of discount coupon websites online but these are two pretty well-known ones.

RevSeller As their own website states it, “On-Page Estimator and Variation Viewer for Amazon Sellers” but to put it simply it helps you in your search to Source Products on Amazon.  it can help you similar to Unicornsmasher in regards to ranking, profit margins, and more. Think of it as a real-time Amazon FBA calculator. Check it out for yourself!

Keepa As the website itself says this basically provides, “price history charts, price drop alerts, price watches, daily drops and browser addons”. In short it’s an Amazon Price tracker with historical data. Mentioned another earlier on, but this one is a good one to check out as well.

Google Trends: This is a pretty common sense tool to use but it shows you the latest in trends going on around the world and on the internet, you can find trends for ideas of hot products to sell via dropshipping or retail arbitrage. So if you want to find trends for Amazon FBA, dropshipping, and more this is the tool for you.

Google Shopping Insights: Essentially, you can get analytical details in regards to how people shop on google, what they’re looking for as of recently and more. It’s a great tool, and you can check it out online pretty easily. Basically it helps you to show what people are shopping for through just one website.

Grabley: This is a pretty straightforward one. It’s a dropshipping search tool. You can utillize it for quick information on Amazon, Ebay, and more. Similar to Amazon’s seller app but just a quick Ebay and Amazon FBA chrome extension away.

Algopix: This is basically an Amazon FBA, Ebay, and Walmart product research tool. Gives you extensive information about various products and helps you with your own business to sell more effectively. It’s an interesting tool, to say the least.

Amazon Assistant For chrome: In short, this is an Amazon product discovery tool for 2023, and it’s quite a fun one too. Helps you to find out about new products, price changes and more. Great for both dropshipping and retail arbitrage.

DS Amazon Quick View: Quick market research tool for Amazon. Simple, easy to use, and great for Amazon FBA research for sourcing products for dropshipping or just general retail arbitrage.

Bqool Inc: Amazon repricer, feedback tool, and product research tool for FBA. Interesting tool, definitely worth checking out if you have the time.

Alipacket: This is a Chrome extension for Aliexpress shipping details, plain and simple. Nothing too fancy but if you’re a dropshipper it’s helpful to know quickly and easily where exactly your products that consumers buy will be shipping from to make sure that your given customer can actually receive said e-packet. Worthwhile only if you’re a dropshipper though, that works directly with Aliexpress.

Aliexpress seller check: This works exactly how it sounds, it is an Aliexpress seller check tool that can be utilized to figure out detailed ratings both positive and negative to determine if this is a seller you’d want to work with as a dropshipper to deliver your products to those consumers you work with.

Seller Core: This is a free ebay templates and auction listing templates tool for those that sell exclusively on Ebay. If you list a lot of items and you want them listed quick and professionally, this tool can save you a LOT of time. Basically make money on Ebay selling items with templates that already have proven success.

Title builder: Yet another tool for Ebay, you can utilize it to help generate and create ebay titles and keywords to optimize your visibility on search engines and on Ebay itself. This in turn will help you sell more, more effectively, and just like the above tool help you CONVERT better. FAST keywords research.

ISoldWhat: This is just a tool for easy Ebay category numbers. There isn’t a whole lot to it but if you do a lot of listing online this could be a quick means to access those #’s with ease. In general might give you an idea of some things that sell on Ebay to give you ideas as well.

This completes the list for now.. as of 7/20/2023, if you have any suggestions of things to add to this list let me know! I plan on adding to it later, but wanted to get some content up for those arbitrage peeps that have been asking for a while now to get an idea of some of the tools that I utilize.

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