101+ ACTUAL Legitimate Work From Home Jobs List: No Startup Fee

Work From Home Jobs No startup fees

Work From Home Jobs No startup fees

101+ ACTUAL legitimate Work from Home Job..with NO startup fees, NO mlm, NO leaving home, so what’s stopping you from breaking free from your day job? Check out this list and let me know in the comments below your own suggestions. I will ADD to this list as I vet various programs, and if any are no longer viable let me know as I do NOT actively monitor each and every one of them. Each $ represents the rough amount of monies you can make. The more $ the more you’ll make. Breakdown: $=Some pay, but easier to get into, $$=A bit better pay but harder to get into $$$=Average to good pay but HARDER to get into, $$$$=GOOD money but very hard to get into $$$$$=UP to good money or GREAT MONEY

Some things to note: If the direct URL doesn’t work, try SEARCHING the name itself through the ROOT domain, IF a link no longer works or a domain has changed try to let me know. This article has been updated as of 12/31/2019. The availability of the work is MOSTLY for United States/United Kingdom/Canada but some websites do offer international work. The “type of work” can be subject to change on.. a DAY to DAY basis so don’t be frustrated if you search and the type of work is no longer available. The ESTIMATED REVENUE can change as well as pay can fluctuate on a year to year basis, sometimes even monthly. IF you want to find MORE jobs search for words such as “call center jobs”, “virtual assistant” and other like keywords. Avoid generic terminology of “work from home” unless no startup fees are involved. Be CAREFUL when applying to any jobs online, legitimacy of the job can change at any given point.

1.Live Ops- www.liveops.com Type of Work: Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$

2.Amazon-Amazon.JobsOnline.com Type of Work: Job Search Engine Estimated Revenue: $$$$$

3. Sutherland Global Services- http://www.sutherlandglobal.com/careers.aspx Type of Work: Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$

4.Dell- https://jobs.dell.com/ Type of Work: Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$

5. IBM-www.ibm.com/employment Type of Work: Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$

6. U.S Department of Agriculture www.usda.gov Type of Work: Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$

7. Humana- www.humana.com Type of Work: Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$

8. Aetna- https://www.aetna.com/about-us/aetna-careers.html Type of Work: Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$

9. Intuit- www.intuit.com Type of Work: Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$

10. Kaplan- kaplan.com/work-with-us/our-culture Type of Work: Recruiter/Call Centerisque work Estimated Revenue: $$$

11. Kelly Services- https://www.kellyservices.us/us/other/kellyconnect-workathome/ Type of Work: Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$

12. Cactus Communications- https://www.flexjobs.com/ Type of Work: Job Search Engine Estimated Revenue: $$$$$

13. Westat- https://www.westat.com/ Type of Work: Data Processing, Phone Tasks, Virtual assistant Estimated Revenue: $$$$

14. Salesforce- www.salesforce.com/company/careers Type of Work: Call Center, Virtual Assistant Estimated Revenue: $$$

15. PAREXEL- https://jobs.parexel.com/ Type of Work: Virtual Assistant, Project Manager, Technical Writing, and MUCH more.Estimated Revenue: $$$$

16. CyberCoders-https://www.cybercoders.com Type of Work: Technical writer, Coder Estimated Revenue: $$$$$

17. American Express- https://jobs.americanexpress.com/ Type of Work: Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$

18. Vmware- https://careers.vmware.com/main/ Type of Work: Call Center, Sales Estimated Revenue:  $$$$

19. SAP- www.sap.com/career Type of Work: Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$$

20. Xerox- https://www.xerox.com/en-us/jobs/work-from-home Type of Work: Data Entry, Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$

21. First Data- https://www.firstdata.com/en_us/about-first-data/careers Type of Work: Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$

22. Oracle- Oracle-Work.Jobsgalore.com/Jobs Type of Work: Call center Estimated Revenue: $$$$

23. CACI International- https://careers.caci.com/ Type of Work: Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$

24. A Place for Mom- www.aplaceformom.com/jobs Type of Work: Sales Estimated Revenue: $$$

25. Anthem,Inc- careers.antheminc.com Type of Work: Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$

26. DellSecureWroks- telecommuting-jobs-at-dell_secureworks Type of Work: Sales, Programming, Customer Service Estimated Revenue: $$$$

27. World Travel Holdings- www.worldtravelholdings.com/careers,work-home  Type of Work: Customer Service Estimated Revenue: $$$$

28. ADP- www.adp.com/careers.aspx Type of Work: Sales/Customer service Estimated Revenue: 

29. Aon- https://jobs.aon.com/ Type of Work: Customer service/Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$$

30. University of Maryland University College- www.umuc.edu/visitors/careers Type of Work: Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$

31. Allergan Inc.- www.allergan.com/careers Type of Work: Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$

32. K12- www.k12.com/careers Type of Work: Sales/Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$

33. U.S. Department of Transportation- https://www.transportation.gov/careers Type of Work: Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$ 34. CSI companies- thecsicompanies.com/candidates Type of Work: Sales/Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$

35. Robert Half- www.roberthalf.com Type of Work: Sales/Data Entry Estimated Revenue: $$$$

36. Nielsen- sites.nielsen.com/careers Type of Work: Data Entry/Sales/Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$

37. Red Hat- www.redhat.com/en/jobs Type of Work: Sales/Call Center/Programming Estimated Revenue: $$$$

38. Adobe Systems- www.adobe.com/careers Type of Work: Sales/Call Center/Programming Estimated Revenue: $$$$

39. Overland Solutions, Inc.- overlandsolutionsinc.com Type of Work: Call Center/Sales Estimated Revenue: $$$$

40. BCD travel- www.bcdtravel.com/get-to-know-us/careers Type of Work: Customer Service/Sales Estimated Revenue: $$$

41. Connections Education- www.connectionsacademy.com/careers Type of Work: Teaching Estimated Revenue: $$$

42. Deloitte- www.deloitte.com/careers Type of Work: Audit, Recruiting, Sales Estimated Revenue: $$$$

43. Apple- https://jobs.apple.com/ Type of Work: Call Center/Sales Estimated Revenue: $$$

44. Mckesson Corporation- https://careers.mckesson.com/ Type of Work: Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$$

45. Thermo Fisher Scientific- corporate.thermofisher.com/en/home.html Type of Work: Estimated Revenue: 

46. Precyse- careers.precyse.com Type of Work: Medical Coding, Customer Service Estimated Revenue: $$$

47. Haynes & Company- www.haynesandcompany.com Type of Work: Research, Sales, Data Entry Estimated Revenue: $$$$

48. Pharmaceutical Product Development Inc- www.ppdi.com/careers Type of Work: Data Entry Estimated Revenue: $$$

49. Cigna- www.cigna.com/career Type of Work: Data Entry, Sales Estimated Revenue: $$$

50. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt- careers.hmhco.com Type of Work: Sales/Customer service Estimated Revenue: $$$$

51. Sungard Availability Services- sungardas.com Type of Work: Sales/Data Entry Estimated Revenue: $$$

52. Infor- www.infor.com/company/careers Type of Work: Sales/Coding/Programming Estimated Revenue: $$$

53. Sodexo- www.sodexousa.com/home/careers-usa.html Type of Work: Sales/Customer service Estimated Revenue: $$$$

54. Dotdash.com https://www.dotdash.com/careers/ Type of Work: Customer Service, Call Center, Sales, Data Entry Estimated Revenue: $$$

55. Altegra Health- altegrahealth.com/careers Type of Work: Call center, Data Entry Estimated Revenue: $$$$

56. GE- jobs.gecareers.com/ Type of Work: Call Center, Data Entry Estimated Revenue: $$$ 57. Western Governors University- www.wgu.edu/about_WGU/employment/work_remote Type of Work: Programming, Teaching, Call Center, Customer Service Estimated Revenue: $$$

58. Grand Canyon University- jobs.gcu.edu/admissions-enrollment-jobs Type of Work: Estimated Revenue: $$$

59. Walden University- https://www.waldenu.edu/ Type of Work: Call Center/Sales Estimated Revenue: $$$

60. Vivint- www.vivint.com/company/careers Type of Work: Customer Service/Sales Estimated Revenue: $$$

61. BroadSpire- https://www.choosebroadspire.com/ Type of Work: Sales/Customer service Estimated Revenue: $$$

62. Covance- careers.covance.com Type of Work: Sales/Customer Service Estimated Revenue: $$$

63. Ellucian- www.ellucian.com Type of Work: Sales/Customer Service Estimated Revenue: $$$

64. Perficient Inc.- www.perficient.com Type of Work: Sales/Data Entry/ Customer Service Estimated Revenue:  $$$

65. Teradata- https://www.teradata.com/ Type of Work: Data entry/Sales Estimated Revenue: $$$

66. Wells Fargo- https://www.wellsfargo.com/about/careers Type of Work: Customer Service/Sales Estimated Revenue: $$$$

67. Symantec Corporation- www.symantec.com Type of Work: Sales/Customer Service Estimated Revenue: $$$

68. Real Staffing-www.realstaffing.com/en Type of Work: Consulting, Sales, Programming Estimated Revenue: $$$$

69. Science Applications International- www.saic.com Type of Work: Data Entry/Sales/Coding Estimated Revenue: $$$

70. AmerisourceBergen Company- www.amerisourcebergen.com Type of Work: Coding/Analyst/Call center Estimated Revenue: $$$

72. RetailDatat- retaildatallc.com Type of Work: Data Entry Estimated Revenue: $$

73. SYKES- www.sykes.com/Careers Type of Work: Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$

74. CARA- www.jobbankusa.com Type of Work: Job Classifieds Estimated Revenue: $$$$$

75. CVS Health- cvshealth.com Type of Work: Customer Service/Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$ 76. American Heart Association- careers.heart.org Type of Work: Customer Service/Data Entry Estimated Revenue: $$$

77. BMC software- www.bmc.com/careers Type of Work: Sales/Customer Service Estimated Revenue: $$$

78. Hibu- https://hibu.com/ Type of Work: Sales/Data Entry/Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$

79. inVentive Health- www.inventivhealth.com/careers Type of Work: Customer Service Estimated Revenue: $$$

80. Rosetta Stone- jobs.jobvite.com/rosettastone Type of Work: Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$

81. Erie Insurance Group- https://www.erieinsurance.com/careers Type of Work: Sales/Customer Service Estimated Revenue: $$$

82. Deluxe- https://ww.deluxe.com/ Type of Work: Sales/Customer Service Estimated Revenue: $$$

83. Clevertech- https://weworkremotely.com/jobs Type of Work: Call Center/Sales/Data Entry Estimated Revenue: $$$$

84. Achieve Test Prep- www.achievetestprep.com Type of Work: Customer Service, Call Center, Appointment Booker, Data entry Estimated Revenue: $$ 85. Worldpay- www.worldpay.com Type of Work: Data Entry/Call Center/Customer Service Estimated Revenue: $$$

86. DataStax- https://www.datastax.com/ Type of Work: Data Entry/Call center Estimated Revenue: $$$

87. CDK Global- www.cdkglobal.com Type of Work: Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$

88. Teleflex- www.teleflex.com  Type of Work: Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$

89. Aquent- aquent.com/find-work Type of Work: Sales/Customer Service/Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$

90. Parallon- www.parallon.com/careers Type of Work: Data Entry/Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$

91. U.S Department of the Interior- https:///www.doi.gov/careers Type of Work: Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$$

92. Cambly http://www.cambly.com  Type of Work: Tutoring Estimated Revenue: $$

93. 1800flowers – http://www.1800flowers.com Type of Work: Call Center Estimated revenue $$$

94. Accolade – https://www.accoladesupport.com/agent-application.html Type of Work: Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$

95. Aspire Lifestyles: – https://www.aspirelifestyles.com/ Type of Work: Customer Service Estimated Revenue: $$$

96.: Cruise: – http://www.cruise.com Type of Work: Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$

97:  Enterprise: – http://www.enterprise.com Type of Work: Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$

98: Rev: – http://www.rev.com Type of Work: Transcription Estimated Revenue: $$$

99: Transcribeme: http://www.transcribeme.com Type of Work: Transcription Estimated Revenue: $$$

100: Conduent: https://jobs.conduent.com/search-jobs/Work%20from%20home?orgIds=13016&kt=1 Type of Work: Business Analyst, Call Center Estimated Revenue: $$$

101: Sedgwick: https://www.sedgwick.com/careers Type of Work: Claims, Data Entry Estimated Revenue: $$$

102: Humantic: http://www.humantic.com Type of Work: Data Entry via phone Estimaetd Revenue: $$

If you aren’t sure what a WORK from home job is check out this link:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Work_from_Home

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