Learn How to Make Money with strategies on Steam in 2020

There are plenty of ways in which you can learn how you can learn to make money on the Steam platform fast from strategies in 2016. Some are a bit more complicated than others, but once you know what you’re doing, it gets fairly easy!

How to make money on steam


Buying, Selling and trading of Steam Trading Cards

The buying, selling, and trading of Steam trading cards is one of the most well-known methods to make money with Steam. The simple principle behind it is to trade lesser value cards for better value cards with others. The way you can do this without being cruel to the user you’re trading with is by trading with them if they almost have a whole deck of cards completed and just need a card or two from you that may be worth less in value, but more to them in trading to craft a badge, that way you both benefit!

Collecting cards and Crafting Badges for a Profit

Collecting trading cards and crafting badges can go either way. The benefit of collecting trading cards is that every now and then you may get a foil card, and foil cards can often exceed a $1 in value. The easiest way to collect them is by getting them from simply running a Steam game for sometimes a short period of time to occasionally an extended period of time. What you can get from crafting badges is an occasional rare item of some kind. Most of the time you don’t, but there is always the slightest chance you might, and it’s just enticing enough for you to want to craft that badge to find out!

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Coupon Profit

Most people don’t realize, but trading cards aren’t that worthwhile to most users which means that trading a coupon of a game they want for a lot of cards is worth more value than the cards, even if the cards are of more value. For best results have a big friend list and focus on users below Level 20 that don’t do active trading. This way you can make trades for large amounts of cards for coupons you get for crafting badges, and since cards can sell on the market, you can easily fill up your Steam Wallet. There are places that simply don’t want coupons and often times give them away free, you can use these places to obtain coupons for games your friends on your Steam list may be looking for and apply the same strategy.

TF2 Buying and Selling

Similar to the stock market as well as binary markets, you can buy, sell, and trade Team Fortress 2 keys for value to make money on steams community market for TF2 keys.. The value can fluctuate so sometimes it’s best to keep TF2 keys at times, and other times it’s best to sell them off if you get a better value. Essentially the concept would be to sell them when they’re low in price and hold on to them until they get to an ideal peak price to dump them and repeat this method. This is one of the best methods to profiting on Steam short of the last method i’ll be mentioning. Think if you bought 100 keys at $2. All of a sudden they’re $2.30 on the market. That means you just made $0.30 on each TF2 key on the market. Alternatively you can do it the other way if you want to get your Steam Wallet money off of Steam but it’s a method you might want to verify with Steam first which is to sell your TF2 keys for Paypal funds. Often times you can buy keys or trade them for unwanted games to get some paypal funds on the side. Note there is also other types of game items you can buy and sell, but TF2 keys seem to be the best sellers. Note: You can also take the risk of using the TF2 keys you buy to potentially unlock an item of high value of which you can potentially sell on the community market for huge profits, but often times you’re going to be on the losing end so it’s quite high risk.

Buying, Selling, and Trading Bundle & Discount Games

This method is a sound method that for the most part applies all the methods mentioned above. By buying a bundle game such as from Humble Bundle, you can get them at discounts, and often times that means you can spend less than you’ll actually get back in cards, which can be eventually made into badges or be sold on Steam’s community market for steam wallet funds, which in turn can be used to buy TF2 keys at low cost, which in turn can be used to trade in for a quick additional steam wallet profit of PP funds if allowed by Steam.

Steam Workshop Profits

 Note: This was a recently pulled feature but I will leave it documented for those curious.

As of early 2015, Steam has announced that you can now make money on steam workshop creations for a profit! This will be supported by every developer/publisher that supports the creation of the various workshop items and it works on a revenue share basis where-as the profits are split between Steam, you, and the given publisher. The first people to support this is Bethesda with the ability for users on Steam to buy and sell Skyrim mods and should expand in quite a rapid fashion with all the developers wanting to jump on board as quick as possible for the best possible exposure. It’s a great step towards supporting quality mod creators as long as the revenue splits are reasonable enough and the content is policed properly via the Steam community.

Booster Pack Profit

The very best method of getting a profit on Steam is via through Booster pack profit. The best way to do this is to not only have a big library of Steam games, but to gain your level up via through badge crafting and other methods. As you get a higher level, you have a much higher chance of obtaining booster packs. There are people exceeding Level 100 in their Steam accounts that on an every week basis get a new booster pack. Keeping in mind booster packs can range from $0.30 to $5+ generally, that means a potential $1 to $20+ in free Steam Wallet profit each month. The biggest issue about this method is it takes a lot of time investment to build up levels and can be costly to do if not done right.

CSGO Skins

If you want to trade CSGO skins and swing a profit, this is pretty similar to the TF2 guide, think of it like the stock market and buy on low points, sell during seasonal times such as special holidays and the like. This would be the MOST effective way to trade these skins, there are other methods though detailed in the video above so make sure to check it out.

Do note that not by any means is this a great way to make money online, but it definitely is a market that most aren’t aware exists can can often yield about upwards of $100 a month fairly easily if done right which is a great supplemental income for something you can do in your spare time. These are just some of the methods I am ware of in order to make a profit with steam, if you know of other methods feel free to share them in the comments below, 🙂

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