Introduction to Passive Income

If you’re looking for an introduction to passive income, this article is it. I will be listing various methods as I get time to, to help educate you all.

Youtube Channels & Landing Pages: These two are a lot easier than it sounds. For YT channels you FOCUS on a given topic and make a TON of content about it, the more targeted the more money. Think of it as “what would the advertisers pay?” scenario. I talk about “Social media influencers” in the MAKE MONEY ONLINE introduction postĀ for more information on that.


Passive ways to make money: doing reviews on websites/ physical products, starting a social channel and pushing SOCIAL brands to your audience, landing pages help you to create an audience via a collection of emails or just pushing one product. I have mentioned and before and you also want to look for “become an affiliate” on your favorite websites as chances are, they’re offering you something to promote their stuff. If you want to find various offers more specifically google around for “Affiliate Networks” that house offers.

There is a LOT of initial work to get these kind of things going but once you do it’s quite magical. Other things to keep in mind are doing research into PPC networks from Google, Bing and other major search engines to drive more traffic to competitive keywords to get even more exposure. Google around for “methods to create landing pages” for more information on that. For more information on this DM me for help getting started. Will be expanding on this later in more “advanced” areas. Next input will be about income apps and the basics of getting started.

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