Where to find website keyword and check Google search engine for it’s Page rankings in 2016

Learn Where to actually find the website keyword of focus and how you check it via google search engine to determine it’s page ranking in 2016. Most people think that finding their website ranking for a particular term to see if the traffic is viable and whether you’re ranking where you want to be. How do you go about doing it? Well, there is many tools that seem to want to hurt your wallet a little bit, but I am going to focus on a free website ranking tool to check your keyword and where it’s ranking for your page.

website ranking 2016

What is the website ranking tool in 2015 that I recommend to help track search engine rankings?

It is Search Engine Genie’s tool as you can see below.


Essentially what this free tool does is allow you to check google ranking for any check of your keyword in pretty much any country. If there is any free site ranking tool to use, this would be the one for your search ranking and to help you in your seo ranking reports in 2015

Some others I have ran across previously that might be worth looking into are that of IWebTool’s Search Engine Position tool, and Seocentro’s keyword position tools. Just search around and you’ll find them relatively quickly to help you with your website rating.

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Online Search Engine Rankings can be tough and sometimes it can be really hard to analyze your rank and determine how to get more value in, but all you have to remember is to keep at it, and as you build up your page, you’ll build up much more than that too including your readership and really start to build the audience you’ve always wanted and help obtain a google pagerank at least, whenever they consider updating it again and you’ll always have an eye on your traffic rank for 2015!

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