Youtube Channel Ideas in 2023: 54+ List of Videos, Niches, and Ideas to make money!

Youtube Channel Ideas for into 2023: List of VIDEOS, NICHES, and IDEAS to make money into the new year!


In this list, I will provide you various Youtube channel ideas that will help you to make money into 2023, and descriptions to explain each idea, and through it you can learn to make your own unique channel with your own personal touch. Make sure to SHARE this post with others to help teach others as well about the wide variety of Channels you could be making to bring in that extra bit of monies each year!

Make Money With Compilation Videos: When it comes to 2023, you can make money in a variety of ways and one of the BEST ways to do that is with compilation videos. The purpose of which is to take free stock video footage and/or compilations of popular streaming celebrities, content you like and more and spin it into a profitable channel. With enough content and some ad revenue you can generate a nice passive income. To learn more check out this video,

Make Money With Unboxing Videos: You can make money with unboxing videos and the concept is pretty simple. You UNBOX. The problem with this Youtube channel idea is that the overhead can be quite pricey if you aren’t a collector yourself of the given product. Not to say it’s an impossible to start up niche, but if you can amass a following, it can lead to a lot of healthy sponsorships and quite a bit of ad revenue. To learn more check out this video,

Make money with Lifehacks videos: When it comes to life, a lot of people look for SHORTCUTS to make it more convenient, spend less time with it and all around ENJOY their life. That being said, people search for this kind of stuff on Youtube. If you can come up with enough unique tips/tricks to do so, you can utilize this as a channel idea.

Make money with Top X list videos: You have probably seen those top ten, top twenty and more lists both as videos and content articles. The reason people do these lists is there is very high demand, especially for certain themed lists that get searched a LOT. Especially on more trending topics, if you want to make a top ten type of video channel, remember.. there is a LOT of competition.

Make money with Health and Fitness tips videos: If you know a lot about health, fitness, or just staying healthy in general or like to share those kind of tips whether you are or NOT, there is a LOT of themes you can focus on, and this is great for both weight loss products/services and ad revenue.

Make money with World or Local News videos: Trump doing something silly? Some big news came out? Some websites/video channels make their launch FROM news that is breaking, especially if it’s world or local news. Great niche to consider getting into if you like talking about that stuff.

Make money with Celeb Gossip videos: If you like talking about actors/actresses why not make a channel on youtube about it and share your celeb gossip videos? Talk about celebs, grow a following and make money! Very profitable niche especially if you do it in a paparazzi themed fashion.

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Make money with Food & Restaurant Videos: If you like talking about food, eating food, or visiting various restaurants you can make a channel about it. Even simple food reviews are popular so try it out, see if it’s for you. it has a LOT of competition, but it’s still a niche you can consider.

Make money with Finance and Investing Videos: If you like to talk about investing, finance, and other like topics, this is a VERY PROFITABLE NICHE, the problem is garnering the attention you need as it’s very competitive, so the goal with this niche is to make it INTERESTING, and bring some personality into it. This will help you get the exposure you need if it’s a niche you want to pursue.

Make money with Cooking Videos: If you’re a chef or you just like cooking, people like to follow along with the journey, get unique ideas for recipes and more. If you have a nice kitchen, or even fancy appliances there is a LOT you can do with a cooking channel.

Make money with Kitchen Hacks videos: Much like the life hacks concept, people like to find means to cook faster, more efficient, and better overall and that’s where you come in. Cook unique, appeal to the right niche and you can make a nice brand channel for kitchen hacks just like that.

Make money with How to Videos: A lot of people want to learn how to do something whether it’s in regards to figuring out how to download something, how to play a song, use something like Photoshop or something else, a lot of people like unique how to videos that guide them to do it, step by step. This niche can be very profitable if you find the RIGHT theme to focus on.

Make money with Pranks & Spoof videos: A lot of people look for comedic relief, and with prank and spoof video channels, they get just that. Although this niche isn’t for me, if you like the concept of joking around and want to make a brand around it, it’s a very popular and heavily searched niche. The more unique you are at it, the more chance you get the exposure you need to go viral and get a good following.

Make money with Makeup & Beauty videos: Whether you’re a guy or a woman, there is a LOT of value in running a beauty style channel. Techniques, stylizing, and more. There is a variety of products you can review, and just tips you can share. If this is something of interest to you, you can definitely still break into the niche but it is QUITE competitive.

Make money with Comic and Superhero videos: if you’re a NERD at heart and like comics, superheroes and other similar stuff this is a NICHE for you. It can be a hard niche to do if you don’t have the passion so make sure you’re a true nerd before jumping into a niche like this.

Make money with Travel Vlogging videos: If you like to travel and want to explore different locations, why not RECORD the experience? A lot of people live but overlook that others like to see those experiences first-hand so travel and record while you do, get some views and make some monies!

Make money with Dash & Security camera videos: Simply recording your outside living space/inside living space, or having a dash cam on your car that uploads everything you do can get views, too! It’s a unique niche, but there is definitely people watching. Obviously they want the more exciting events but recording and uploading everything that happens you never know what someone may or may not like.

Make money with Comedy videos:If you fancy yourself as something of an artist, why not do COMEDY videos, sketches akin to that of Collegehumor and other like websites. Make sketches, share it and build a following. There is a LOT of interest in this niche. Even if you aren’t comfortable with skitches you can tell funny stories, jokes and more. If it’s a something you’re interested in what’s stopping you from getting started today?

Make money with Fashion & Style Tips Videos: If you like clothes or talking about how to sell clothes, style yourself, or just like talking fashion of others, why not start a brand channel about it for that niche? there is a lot of people that like to get the latest clothing tips and if you fashion yourself as a big of a designer, why not make some monies with a channel talking about it?

Make money with Hair Care and Hairstyle ideas videos: Do you like styling your hair, giving hair care tips or just like talking about others hair? Why not make a channel out of it to share your knowledge, techniques, and tips. Maybe you have something unique to offer to others that you might not be aware of.

Make money with city tours videos: Different than just standard travel vlogging videos, why not give a unique perspective of the big city you’re in whether it is Chicago, new York, or even smaller cities. Everyone likes a unique point of view so go for it, see what happens and you never know the audience you might bring in.

Make money with Horror videos: Do you like to scare people, talk about scary things, or like horror movies and TV shows? If so, why not make a horror channel? There is a LOT of things you can talk about in the niche if you’re passionate about it, even make unique skits and more.

Make money with Sports videos: Do you play sports, watch sports, or interact with sports? Why not record what you do or are passionate about. Whether it’s something simple like GoPRO style or you just want to sit down and talk about your favorite sports team, make some content about it! You never know what kind of sports-themed things people would be interested in.

Make money with Parody videos: Weird al Yankovic style videos are still popular, so why not make your own parody-type videos? Think something needs parodied? Go for it. Weird Al won a court case for all of us YEARS ago that will allow you to parody ANYTHING. Everything is fair game at least, in the United States.

Make money with Trailer and Movie Reactions videos:Fair game to react to a movie, a TV show, and more. It’s much more unique than your standard review videos and you can do this with a VARIETY of things. Not even just movies/trailers but even music and other things that might result in a reaction. Even trending/viral news.

Make money with DIY crafts videos: If you like crafts and want to teach others to learn how to “do it yourself” with unique skills why not make a channel about your techniques, tips, and tricks. This way you can still pursue your passion and make monies doing it, too!

Make money with Drawing and Sketching Tutorials videos: Do you DRAW? do you WRITE? do you SKETCH? Why not draw live with an audience? Stream it, record it, and more. It’s an easy niche to get into and you can make tutorials out of it, too? Even find potential clients to draw FOR them. Great niche to break into if you possess that skill but NOT for everyone.

Make money with Music Instrument Tutorials videos: Have you ever played a musical instrument and feel you would be a GREAT teacher? Why not play it and give tutorials to teach others to play it, or just play it for others to listen? There is a lot you can do with a musical instrument so why not try it out if you possess that skill?

Make money with Dance Tutorial videos: Can you dance?! Can you BREAK a move?! Do it! Dance like you’ve never danced before, and RECORD it. Make a tutorial out of it, and show it to others. Everyone wants to learn, so why not teach them?

Make money with Pets & Animals Videos: Do you have a pet? Whether it’s a dog, a cat, or even some other obscure pet, make a video about it! Even if it’s not your pet, you can still talk about it! It helps to talk about a more unique animal than usual or even if it’s goofy pet videos, emotional or more people love these kind of videos so make some!

Make money with Time Lapse videos: If you like recording the sunset, the city, or something that can change quite rapidly in a matter of 24 hours, why not RECORD it? There is a lot of exciting time lapses you can do that when you speed it up.. can look quite COOL. Try it out, see if it’s for you.

Make money with Behind the Scenes Videos: A lot of people like to see “how it’s done” aka, behind the scenes. Whether that means when you’re filming a skit, are a freelancer of some manner and they want to see how you do it and more. There is a lot of unique “behind the scenes” videos you can do that will be unique, so if you want to show off your day to day life in a non-vlog style, why not do this?

Make money with Education and Resource Videos: If you feel you can provide an educational material of some sort, a sort of LIST or helpful information to educate others just like the one you’re reading, this in turn can bring a lot of traction to you, your videos, and your brand. There is a lot of things you can provide an education or a resource on, so get to it!

Make money with Car and Bikes News and Reviews Videos: Do you know a lot about sports cars, news about the latest ones like Tesla’s Cybertruck or reviews you think you can do? Why not talk about them on a channel! There is a lot of vehicles out there, plenty of content to make!

Make money with Gaming videos: If you’re a gamer you can post up your latest gaming videos, streams from twitch, challenge videos for gaming, and so much more. What’s holding you back but yourself? If you do it for fun, why not record it and make monies with it? And if you’re looking for some casino fun, consider trying out popular games like slots, baccarat, or roulette at UFABET เข้าสู่ระบบ พร้อมเล่นเลย for a chance to win big.

Make money with Viral challenges videos: If you aren’t quite into gaming, why not do viral-like challenges outside of that. Be the first to do something or break a record.. and record yourself doing it! This is big on entertainment type niches especially if you break enough challenges, so why not try it out and see if it’s for you?

Make money with Interview and ask me anything videos: This type of channel is great if you have a certain profession that isn’t often talked a lot about sort of like those Reddit type of posts from celebs/freelancers or CEO’s. There is a LOT of content you can do on this, and for those that have a bit of a following, these are very easy videos to make as people always have new questions almost EVERY day.

Make money with Reenact Videos: If you know how to reenact scenes from a movie, tv show, game, or some sort of music video these are popular types of videos you can consider making into 2023. There is TONS of things you can reenact so why not try it out for yourself?

Make money with Digital Marketing and Blogging Videos: When it comes to digital marketing and blogging, there is tons of tips, tricks, and other content you can share in the niche. This is a big niche and it’s broad too so if you can carve it down into more of a unique focus, there can be big ad revenue involved among a variety of other things so why not try it out?

Make money with Yoga Videos: If you like to stretch and work out, why not teach others to stretch in unique poses and cater to what they’re looking for, getting better in shape and “one” with themselves in a zen type style video.

Make money with Helpful Software and Apps videos: Do you have favorite tools for photography, tools for listening to music..maybe a favorite app? Why not review it or use it in a fun way and record yourself doing it to share with others? There is a wide variety of ways in which you can monetize this so it’s a great thing to start with.

Make money with Animated Stories videos: Are you a cartoonist with a lot of unique stories that happened to you, or that you can talk about in a drawn style you can do yourself? Why not make short animated videos about it and share it with others and garner a big following?

Make money with Daily vlogs videos: Do you do a lot in your day to day life? Who knows, maybe vlogging it might be exciting to others and it doesn’t hurt anything for you to share your life with others. You never know the exposure it might bring in so why not give it a shot for yourself?

Make money with Motivational & Inspirational Videos: ARE YOU MOTIVATIONAL? Can you keep people INSPIRED? Can you excite them to get up and GO and live their lives in a unique why? Why not talk about things like this, share inspiring quotes and more? People like watching them, so go make some unique content to cheer them up on their day to day lives.

Make money with Gardening Tips & Tricks videos: if you like to do outdoor yard work liek gardening why not teach people tips and tricks to better improve their own yard work and make their garden unique, grow better, and more? Even show off the tools that work BEST for them?

Make money with Lifestyle Advice Videos: Do you feel you can be very helpful in improving peoples lifestyles by giving advice? Why not share some of those tips and build a following if you feel it’s good advice? Is it unique? Great, even more of an audience!

Make money with Magic Tricks Videos: Are you good with cards? illusion, magic tricks? Why not share those videos with others, and do unique videos to show it off? Why not come up with your OWN tricks to excite people and build an audience this way? There is a wide variety of ways you can monetize this so get started today if it’s a skill you possess!

Make money with Destruction videos: Do you like to smash things into pieces? Why not record yourself doing it. Break things into pieces, people are.. oddly fascinated by this, and it can create a good bit of a following by doing so. Try it out, see if it’s for you!

Make money with Creation videos: Eh.. breaking things is fun, but people like the CREATION of things too, so why not create unique things and share the videos and build an audience.. maybe destroy stuff and even put it back together! You never know.

Make money with Science videos: Do you know a lot about science? Facts? Tips? Tricks? Do unique science experiments? Why not make a video channel about these science tips and share it with others? You never know the science that people into, especially if it is WEIRD science.

Make money with book reviews videos: Do you like to talk about books, read about books, or aspire to be an author yourself? Why not share your own input about unique books for others? You can amass quite a following by doing so. Just be unique for your niche and cater to your audience and you’ll grow just fine.

Make money with Screencast videos: Not a fan of having your face on camera? You can always record various things online through screencasting. Simply recording your screen while you do different things, there is a LOT of monies to be made in this niche and all it takes is a computer with something as simple as OBS(Open Broadcast software) which is 100% free. Get started, today!

Make money with Trending topics videos: Do you see a lot of trending topics? Why not make a channel SOLELY based around these trending topics and share it with others? Everyone likes a trend and WHILE it’s trending you can get a LOT of exposure to your channel.

Make money with targeted keywords videos for exclusive niches: Rather than focus on any old topic, focus on keywords that fit a specific theme and target around it? This is a great way to hit a variety of unique niches and still get some monies for it. Sometimes you only need 10 to 15 good videos around a niche that no-one else is doing but still brings in traffic and if you’re the only resource, this is a LOT of exposure for you.

This of course is just some of MANY ideas that you can be considering for yourself so what is stopping you? Why not try a channel idea mentioned above and get STARTED today. Make sure to SHARE this post if you liked the content to get the word out about the variety of channel ideas you can be making into 2023!

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